July 28 Canada Hill to Fahnestock Track 26.2kms

Up early and managed to sniff out breakfast at the junction of US 9 +NY 403. The place was a cross between a petrol station, supermarket, deli and takeaway joint. We were able to resupply with a reasonable supply of hikers food.

A thunderstorm broke just before passing over the Dennytown Road. Maxie having gone ahead returned and assured me there was no reasonable shelter in sight so we sat on some rocks and resigned ourselves to being saturated. When the rain eased for 2 minutes we moved on. Across the road was a notice board with some good eave coverage. I was annoyed with Maxie for not seeing this as shelter.  As we sat under the eaves waiting for the storm to ease and watching kids congregate for a wet birthday party in the nearby park I told Maxie about Scotch mist.

Once the storm had passed we tried to head for a camping area on the side of Lake Canopus but time and the state of my feet, rubbed raw by tight fitting boots, rain and dirt were against us. In the end I could go no further and we camped on the side of a hill near a dubious water source. Another lecture about eating before I settled for the night was met with deaf ears as i lay down and went straight to sleep.

Canopus Lake

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