July 24 Stream to Mombasha Highpoint 22.4 kms

Crossed the state line into New York State today. I had heard about a really nice ice creamery at route 17 just off the trail. As I was heading along the road, a divvy van pulled up and a hiker got out. I asked him what he had been up too. He said he had been hitch hiking, (which is illegal in New York State) and a cop and gone past. He had tried to hide the fact but the cop turned around and came back. He was shitting himself until the cop asked him where he was going and if he wanted a ride.

Got to the creamery and who should be there but Maxie who had stayed the night in Warwick. After making a glutton of myself with 2 big ice creams I wandered down the track after Maxie. It was tempting to stay at Fitzgerald falls but Maxie wasn’t there only the people who had chased the bear after Stair Way to heaven.

Fitzgerald Falls

I was just about to give up on seeing Maxie when I stumbled across him. He was as surprised to see me as I him as we had got confused and made a very tentative arrangement to meet at the fire tower on Mt Mombasha but when we got to the turnoff it was too far out of our way. Maxie also thought I would have stopped sooner as it looked like a storm was coming in.

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