Courtwright Rd to Stream 23.2 Kms

It rained overnight but stopped before I got up. Unfortunately I had decided to camp on leaf litter and the rain had brought the slugs out hiding beneath the leaves. Everything was covered in slugs and they had left a nasty yellow stain on all my gear.

Eventually slug free I headed off to Unionville. I had lunch with Duo at the pub and set a good pace until I met up with Pretzel and her friend Tuffy at some trail magic. Duo eventually wandered along saying that he had tried to catch me up and was surprised that I could actually set a pace when I wanted to. I said “I smelt the last of the beer.”

The flat ended after a large swamp with a number of bird watchers out for the day. Most of the group that had formed around the trail magic stopped at Pochuck Mountain shelter. I carried on until it started to rain. I crossed a stream to a nice leaf litter free campsite.

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