July 20th Blue Mountain Lakes Road to Gren Anderson Shelter 18.2 kms

Learnt yesterday that I have 30 more miles of this rocky shit to walk on before it finally runs out at High Point.

Left Maxie still packing up. I thought I was slow at this but I can always beat Maxie. Stopped at Brink Road Shelter for lunch, a gossip with Fish and for some much needed water. While I was at the shelter Maxie must have past me as the shelter was off the main track. Coming into Culvers Gap I headed off in the wrong direction. A mile down the road I finally realised my mistake. I was unimpressed.

Lake Owassa from Appalachian Trail

Headed the other way, found where the track was and left it to go to the pub for a meal, where I found our mate from Mohican outdoor centre. He had got lost, ran out of money and decided to tag along with me. I missed Maxie by seconds. He walked out of a building as I had just past and off down the track.

Set off with my shadow but decided he was a liability I didn’t want to look after. I had not come on the track to look after someone so I suddenly found an extra gear to get up the hill with.

Stopped at the camping area at Gren Anderson shelter. There was a summer camp group running amok at the shelter and must have scared Maxie off because we had agreed to meet there at the end of the day. Went down to the shelter and managed to talk to the kids and return some order to their camp. The supervisors there were not much older than the kids and had no control.

Pretzel ambled along shortly after dark and i had to persuade her from going down to the shelter as I thought she would wake the kids up and the chaos would return. Luckily she got the picture and we sat down for a good old gossip and how to save the world.

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