July 19th North Sunfish Pond-Blue Lakes Road 17.6 km

Yards Creek Lower Reservoir

Found Fiiti and Maxie still at Mohican Outdoor Centre when I got there at 11am as Maxie had lost his wallet and they had spent some considerable time looking for it. He eventually found it where he had put it for safe keeping.

They told me about a hiker that had stayed the night and was just starting a section of the trail. He had a very heavy pack so Valk, (whom I had seen off and on since North Carolina), fiiti and Maxie had done a shake down of it, finding an enormous amount of freeze dried meals, an equal number of white socks and heavy clothing. There was nothing useful not even a map so Valk photocopied some of his guide book for him. Most of the socks and heavy clothing went into the  hikers box. There was something not quite right about the guy.

Fiiti took off to make some miles up. while Maxie and i sat in the sun enjoying a late morning tea. While we were sitting there some random lady drove up, then walked up to us with 3 paper bags. She gave Maxie and I one each and put one in the hikers box. In my paper bag was some nice cheese crackers, blueberries and a beer. In Maxie’s was some prosciutto rock-melon and a beer. We decided to walk a bit further to a fire lookout and share the contents for lunch. There weird friend was at the lookout but thankfully a group of school children and 2 fire officers were keeping him entertained. I waited and waited for Maxie and finally hunger got the better of me. Finally Maxie showed up, he had decided the rock-melon wasn’t going to travel so had had lunch at the outdoor centre.

I caught up with Maxies weird friend who was busy eyeing off a rattle snake. He warned me of it and seemed to know all about them so I thought he might not be clueless. I walked with him for a little while but the conversation made me decide my first diagnosis was right . I let him get ahead of me.

Maxie and I came together just before Blue Lakes Road.  As it was getting late we decide we would camp at the first suitable spot we came too, This had no water so after much discussion we proceeded to the spring on Blue Lakes Road and camped just up from the road.


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