July 15 George W. Outerbridge Shelter to Palmerton Superfund Trail Head 4.6 kms

Today and tomorrow were to be what Fiiti called a “Cluster Fuck” Fiiti Maxie and I had decided to walk together and we were due to climb the “Super Fund” today. (I thought it was called the “Super Fun” and couldnt work it out as Americans aren’t known for thier sarcasm and everyone seemed worried about it. Eventually someone explained that the term was “Super fund” and called this because zinc was mined in this area resulting in a contaminated risidue pile called the “Cinder Bank” The area was eventually cleaned up by the EPA”s Superfund program.

Anyway Fiiti and Maxie seemed worried about climbing the Cinder Bank with full packs on and Fiiti organised for someone to meet us at the bottom and take our packs to his hostel just off the next road crossing. We got to the appointed meeting place a few minutes early but as we waited for the shuttle to term up a massive thunder storm went by. The good thing was we weren’t on the hill the bad thing was we waited an hour in the pouring rainfor the shiuttle to turn up. We tried ringing him and his wife but nobody would answere the phones. In the end we rang a hostel/cafe in Palmerton. The lady was so nice and came and got us. Maxie and Fiiti were in denial so after much disscusion about a full house I managed to secure beds for the 3 of us and a shuffle for our packs the following morning to the road crossing nearest the next shelter. After a hot brunch Maxii went off with some girls from the track to watch the soccer final at the pub and Fitti and I got warm clean and organised for the next day. The lady who came to pick us up told us the operator we had relied on frequently did this to people as well as being very strange and trying it on with women guests. The operator in question actually rang Fitii mid afternoon, never opoligised, said he had family issues and asked wether we needed him the next day. Fiiti was very polite being from the South and said no. I told her that Australians and Kiwis would have set him very straight on the issues he had caused by noy giving us a simple phone call and telling us the weather was probably against us and he was unavailable, still I got my own back the next day.

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