July 13 Port Clinton to New Tripoli Campsite (Port Clinton to Eckville Shelter 23.9kms Yellow Blaze Eckville Shelter to Tripoli 21.3kms White Blaze)

I was panicking the night before about missing a day and miles lost until a trail angel appeared and offered to take peoples packs for 2 dollars up to Eckville Shelter where they would be safe. I asked to be taken up too and gained the day back again.

Walked to Dans pulpit of and on with 2 guys We were sitting down and Dans Pulpit admiring the view when one of them decided to open the letter box with the sign in book and there was a beer. Of course he didnt share it.

I was tempted yo go to the resturant at 309 road crossing but decided I would lose too much time. Track after the road crossing was free of rocks for once.

Walked down to New Tripoli campsite. It was lovely and I was the only one ther until a hoard of 15 year old scouts arrived. The scout leader asked If I minded if I stayed and wasd taken back when I said yes I did But I appeased him by saying it was my problem and I would move. I packed up and trudged back up the hill to spend the night with Fiiti.

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