July 12 Port Clinton Zero Day

Woke up and checked on Max It looked like he was still sleeping. After awhile I got worried and looked in his tent. Gone to breakfast at a cafe down the road before sunrise.

Got th big sports shop Cabelas to come pick me up and take me to their shop in Hamburg because my boots at literally imploded the day before on the rocky trail. The shop was amazing with all sorts of stuffed animal displays. I was even able to fix my tent in the archery department as they had the tools to cut new poles to the required length. Resupplied and Cabelas kindly took me back to the pavillion where trail magic was waiting’

More beer and Double Stacks parents had come to surprise him. They were lovely people and supplied enough food for dinner for the whole 30 people that were now camping at the pavillion. The beer quickly run out of beer and did another run. The wonderful man supplied over a hundred cans. I finished the night off with a dram of whiskey supplied by Fish.

The party was still going when I went to bed and my tent was a little close to it so I dragged everything out and went to sleep in the pavillion. I had to shoo one person off later in night as he decided to come over and have a rather loud phone call to his girlfriend. Luckily he was obliging enough he just didnt realise there was someone in the pavillion.

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