July 11 Eagles Nest Shelter to Port Clinton 23.36 kms

I found the track very rocky and hard going. I thought about following the powerline track instead but wasnt sure how to get on to it.

The rocky track

The track down to Port Clinton was very steep and at the bottom confusing.  I eventually made it to the pub and had an early dinner as they closed at 8pm. Talkto a walker that was so tired that he fell asleep on someones front porch. He was woken up by the ambulance crew who thought he was a patient in a search and rescue exercise he was doing.

Made my way to the pavilion, (where there was free camping), to find all sorts of trail magic including beer. Max a German guy turned up. He decided to go to dinner with some girls but wasnt happy when I told him the pub closed at 8. I told him I had been instructed to go across to the firestation by the pub if I wanted to drink after 8 and press the yellow button. The password was thru hiker and they would sign you in to their club.

Max and the girls took advantage of this and Max was brought back to the after midnight by the local cop who he had been drinking and playing pool with. He was quite drunk and very funny.

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