July 7th Ducannon- Peters Mountain Shelter 17.6 kms

Had a beautiful breakfast with and on Dog Whisper and Thumper before doing a resupply at the local petrol /grocer shop and a bit more laundry. Stopped at the Post Office to sort out my bounce box and collected some trail magic from the extensive supply that had been dropped off at the Post office. To the ice cream shop for an early lunch then out of town , across the railway line, (which I managed to trip over as a train was coming hurting my knee and elbow) and into the bush and up to Clarks Ferry Shelter via the blue blazed track.  Continued onto Peters Mountain shelter and was lucky enough to score a campsite of which there weren’t very many of.

The Doyle


Looking back down on Ducannon and the Susquehanna River from Peter’s Mountain Ridge Line

Bribed Thumber with some of my horde from The PO and 0ne dollar to go down the 300 rock steps to get me some water. Knee and elbow were still hurting Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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