July 4th Independance Day Furnace State Park to Little Dogwood Run 24.48 kms

Day started off fine and hot. Dilly Dallied looking at the Pine Grove Furnace. The iron furnace was from one of the most productive iron communities of the 19 century. Waded through throngs of Americans setting up for Independance Day. Some of the thru hikers were going to stick around for the day as they saw an opportunity for free food.20180704_08323020180704_083255

Had lunch with The General at a Deli .2 of a mile off the track. I asked for a pottle of chips like my mate outside had. The people behind the counter looked at each other in confusion and then did really well at interpreting what I had said.

Got to the rock maze and was unimpressed I had to take my pack off to get up and over a rock then realized I could have gone around it.

Got to Little Dogwood Run and it looked like rain. I couldn’t be bothered going up the hill to a shelter that had an unreliable water source when I had a lovely campsite right by the stream. Just as I got set up it started to rain



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