July 3rd Birch Run Shelter to Pine Grove State Park

Got to Toms Run Shelter and found out a rattle snake had been chased and killed and then hacked to pieces for its rattle. I was pretty upset about it.

Made Pine Grove Furnace just after lunch and heard all about the 1/2 gallon ice cream challenge in which you have to eat this amount in 30 minutes’ from Thumper. Dry whisperer had booked a campsite for Thumper, himself me and The General. It was a bit of a walk but Dog Whisperer insisted on taking my pack as he had already been to the site. Thought about going onto the lakes about 1 mile away for a swim but the showers at the camping ground were just too tempting.

Later went back to the shop where there was internet and tried to do my blog. A film Crew were filming some girls that had just done the icecream challenge and Thumper was busy inviting all and sundry especially if they were female back to our campsite. Lost and Found arrived and I took great delight in watching her try to make her self sick doing the challenge.20180703_18531320180703_190335

Went back to our site to find it crowded. Dog whisperer wanted to know how it had got that way and I dobbed Thumper in telling Dog Whispererhis nephew had put up A sign welcoming everyone to the site. The Ranger came around and tried very hard to ignore there were so many people on the site. All of theat were meant to be there found it very funny.


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