July 2nd Near Rocky Mountain Shelters toBirch Run Shelter 20.8 kms

Everyone between Rocky Mountain Shelters and Route 30 were off to an early start as they wanted breakfast in Fayetteville.

I was hoping for a shower at Caledonia State Park so kept goingto a nice suprise the other side of the road crossing, some trail magic in the form of icy cold drinks. Had to wait too long for the pool with the showers to open and there was no laundry so kept going.

Got to Birch Shelter to Find Dog Whisperer and Thumper there. Sunny arrive right on dark with her trail family. They had spent the day at the pool and did what had taken me all afternoon to do in 2 hours. I felt very frustrated I had to keep going all the time rather than be able to take long breaks, then walk fast to catch up.

Some late comers arrived and camped almost on top of me when they had heaps of camping spots to choose from. I wasn’t happy as they kept me awake clomping backwards and forwards past my head.

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