June 30 Cowal Shelter toFalls Creek Footbridge Campsite 18.1 kms

Lunch at Raven Rock. I could not pick up any water as the water was  0.3 down a steep side trail. It was too hot to go there. Thought I might find some water at High Rock.

No water at High Rock just a circus as someone was getting married on the rock which was covered in graffiti. It looked awful. If I was getting married there I think I would have got everyone I could to clean it.

Very hot and trying to get to Pen Mar Park but found the start of the dreaded Pennslyvania rock. Rounded boulders ankle size that you cant walk between and cant walk on top of with any speed. The 2 boys I had met at Jim and Molly Denton Shelter overtook me but kindly gave me enough water to make it to Pen Mar.

There was a sort of shop at Pen Mar but it was closed for the weekend which didn’t make sense. You could order pixxa if you were at Pen Mar by a certain time. Thumper and Dog Whisperer were, the boys and I wern’t.  We were hanging out for a soda and debated gate crushing the kids birthday party at one end of the park or the wedding reception, (from the wedding on the rock at the other end of the park), or at least asking for scraps. The music from the reception decided us to move on even though the views were fantastic.



Crossed into Pennslyvania and camped with Thumper and Dog Whisperer at Falls Creek Canpsite. Thumper thought I looked hungry and tried to off load some of his squashed cold pizza onto me. Lovely thought but I wasn.t hungry enough.


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