June 28 Knoxville to Dalgrens camp 22.9kms

I was organised early for once and walked the mile back to the track while Dog Whisperer and his nephew got a ride.

Bit of a circus on Weverton Rocks as a copperhead was spotted admiring the view too.20180628_100625

Lunch at Crampton Gap viewing the War Correspondents Arch.

20180628_135250    20180628_135457




Bit of a discussion with one of the hikers at Rock Run Shelter turn off about how big my pack was. My sarcastic reply was “at least I,m warm at night as I haven,t sent my sleeping bag home”. Any the conversation didn’t go well for either of us but it turned out he had a reason.

Surprisingly Valk was at the next road crossing with fresh fruit, ciders, beer. and a rental car. Turns out he was doing trail magic while he waited for the hiker I had been talking too up the track. They were off to Florida for the funeral of one of the girls they had hiked with. She had left the track due to tendernitis in her hips. Two days after getting home a truck had been pushed from behind and had ran head on to her car. Had to have a few ciders with them. Then onto Dalgren Camp. Didn’t seem to take me long at all. Perhaps being half drunk might speed me up a bit. Dog whisperer had saved me a spot. There was also a free shower. I don’t think my body will recover after having 3 showers in a row.

Disturbed in the middle of the night by some hikers returning from the up market tavern, ( you know the one that said thru hikers please have a shower before booking in for a meal. Like we smell), just up the track. They were told by me and an English man, especially when they decided to have munchies on the picnic table right next to the English man



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