June 27 Zero Day

The hostel was nice and quite as there were only 3 of us there when I went to bed Got up in the morning to find 3 new guests and my cider gone as even though I had my name on it they were so hanging out for alcohol they didnt see it. They did come and apologise and buy me some more.

Mucked around until 11am and then discovered we were going to be kicked out of the hostel for the day. Was invited to walk back into Harpers Ferry with my new found friends and one of the hostel managers who new a short cut.20180626_15001720180627_143347

Went to the Post Office but could’nt find a decent place to find food for a re supply. One of the managers had put uber on my phone so I left myself in their hands and made it back to the hostel with heaps of food and made it back in time for new guests Dog Whisperer and his nephews lovely pasta dinner, cooked from food in the hiker box.

People played games while I packed my pack and did some paper work. Went to get the last of my cider and it had gone again. The security guard took us on a beer run. While getting some more ciders I used all my small change. I got into the car saying, “thats good I’ve used all my shrapnel up and do’nt have to carry it”. Everyone in the car turned white thinking I was a serial killer until I explained what shrapnel was, then it was a joke for the rest of the evening

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