June 25 Bears Den Hostel to David Lesser Memorial Shelter 17.92 kms

Got up early and followed instructionsto get back on the trail. They were confusing as they call a driveway a road and I ended up a mile up a paved busy road and would have kept going if a land holder had’t of yelled out that I was going the wrong way. So back to the hostel. Now down the nature trail and I still got it wrong.  There was no signage as most people come off the track near the hostel and hence know how to get back on it. By this stage I was in tears. Dropped my pack and back to the hostel. Reg kindly told me that she would walk me back to the track. Then the Trail Angel said she would drive me to the track. Was about to hop into the car and realised that I didnt have my pack so I went with Reg. By this time it was late morning and I was pissed off with all the false leads especially when the Trail Angel pointed to a map on the notice board with the Appalachain Trail marked and hostel marked on it.Why couldn’t they have just sign posted how to get back to the track.20180625_115852

Got to David Lesser Shelter which was more of a hut than a shelter but water was down a steep slope. Decided to stay in the shelter as it was so big and there was only one other person in it.

In the middle of the night I was woken up by someone loudly clomping on the veranda. I asked what they were doing and the reply was the 3 state challenge, (West Virginia, Marylandand Pennsylvania ) in less than 24 hours. Turns out it was Legs Sparkies mate and hes was doing his own 4 state challenge in 24 hours, having started

View of Sunny Ridge from Raven Rocks

in Virginia. He was told rather rudley to get off the veranda in his boots. 20180625_135815


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