June 23 Jim & Molly Denton Shelter to Dicks Dome 15.68 kms

Got to Manassa Gap Shelter and some Koreans were having a picnic. They kindly invited me to join them and gave me some hearty Korean soup and some rice mixture you roll up to go with the soup. I declined further courses as I found the soup very rich and spicy.

Got to Dicks Dome Shelter and dithered over whether to go down to the shelter or keep going as it was still early. A clap of thunder was a deciding factor.

Arrived to find 2 shelters and decided to sleep in the old one. 3 of us ended up in this shelter persuading everyone else there was better accomodation down the track. Consequently we had lots of room while the better newer shelter was crowded. Washed my muddy tent in the river and the heavens opened up to give it a rinse.

Korean picnic Remnants of 2 black eyes

Maybe they fed me because I looked so awful.

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