June 20 Rock Springs to Thornton Gap 22.4km

Aguy from the church group staying a private hut down the track had stayed the shelter as noise from the girls was too much. He heard me telling some hikers about my accident and asked me if his doctor friend could have alook at my head which he f=duly did. He asked me if I had had an operation recently and I informed him only the one with superglue the day before. He had a look aand wasnot only impressed with the job we had done but that we had found the stuff to do it with. I put in the shelter log book ” See the new plastic surgeon Sparky on the track for any surgery.

It was  threating to rain as I set off. I called in at Skyland resort only to find my card wouldn’t work. The downpour started just after after Skyland resort and stopped briefly as I reached Birds Nest 3 Shelter.  As there was no good water nearby so I decided to continue.

I was drenched when I reached the rtoad at Thornton Gap and it was late so I found a flat spot just down the track from the road and camped

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