June 19 Big Meadows to Rock Springs 6.4 km

Woke up in the morning and packed my sleeping bag away. When the boys woke up they said “gosh you packed up quickly.” I informed them I had never unpacked. We then had the same discussion about my head ie going to hospital. We they realised i wasnt going Brian wanted to use duck tape to put it back together Squirrel was for finding some needle and thread. I informed them it was my head and I was going to use superglue. I managed to convince Sparky ( who had some army medical training to do the deed), He clipped my hair then shaved around the wound and finally superglued the edges together, while Fish is looking on going, “you can’t do that. You just can’t to that. I can’t believe you just did that.” We then went to breakfast and managed to get the same waiter that we had had the night before. “I asked him if he thought my head looked better.”

We hung around the lodge until lunch time. I didn,t think I could hike as far as the guys and I didn’t want the superglue on my head to get wet in the forecasted thunderstorms so I only hiked to Rock Spring Shelter The next shelter was 20km away from Big Meadows. Hopefully Flex and Curly Turtle will catch up with me and I can hike with them.

sparky and Brian also adjusted my pack so it wasn’t top heavy They thought it was the reason I was tripping up all the time.

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