June 18 South River Picnic Area-Big Meadows Resort

Could not get moving in the morning after yesterdays big day. Though I might get some snacks at Lewis Mountain Camp Ground but my guide book said the grocery store was shut. After I had passed it I found out it was open. I was shitty hungry thirsty and hot so I sat down on the track to have a quiet sob. Should have know on the Appalachian you are not allowed to feel sorry for yourself and who should come along but Pappy (83 and the oldest person the track) and his minder. Then Squirrel, Sparky, Brian, Batty and Sunny turned up. Turned into a real party. Brian and Sparky decided to wait at every road crossing telling me they were tired. Tried to keep up with Sunny but fell over. At the carpark just before Big Meadows Resort I had had enough and tried to get a ride to the resort. I was unsuccessful.

I had been walking less than 5 minutes when I tripped on a tree root I saw the rock coming but could do little about it. I yelled and Sparky and Brian said “Are you okay?”      Batty replied “I don’t think she is.” as blood was spurting out of my head wound. The boys came running back and I told them where to find my first aid kit and a pen to put pressure on the wound Sparky knew that trick and was impressed I did. A big discussion then ensued about going to hospital to get it stitched I didnt eant to go because I didnt want to go by myself I wanted someone to come with me and I felt it was too much to ask any of the guys. It would also have been too hard to get back on the track and I would have lost too much time.

Once everyone realised I wasnt going to budge on that they tried to ring Squirrel who had sprinted to the shower and pub to come back and get my pack. Unfortunately he had his phone turned off so Sparky and Brian had to carry it themselfs. Inwas not allowed to as they thought it would start the bleeding again Batty was charged with looking after me and getting me to the lodge where I could clean up. Along the way we met a hiker going the other way. The conversation went “How are you?” “Good Thanks” and “How are you”? “Yeah good thanks.” ( This with a pen sticking out of a bandage which was wound around my head.)

Once we got to the lodge I got Battie to see if I had a clear road to the ladies where I inspected the dmage and cleaned the blood up off my face. We then tried to find where the Appalachian hikers were staying. Just as we found the site Brian and Sparky arrived.

The boys were worried the resturant would close before they got a meal so we head straight back to the lodge and there was Squirrel. Once he saw what the problem was he was very apologetic.

At dinner I ordered a bottle of white wine. It came without something to keep it cool so I asked for an ice bucket and guess what I got an Iced bucket. Brian thought i should ask for some wine for my head but I replied “If I can’t get ice for my wine how am I to get ice for my head.” The waiter was giving me strange looks all night. Turns out it was his first day.  Every time my head started to seep the boys would kick me under the table and wipe their foreheads. It finally got too much for Sparky and he asked for some servites as we were about to leave.

I finally had a shower and cleaned my head properly but by the time I got back to the camp site everyone had gone to bed. It was just too hard to set up my tent so I just crawled into my sleeping bag on the grass with a servite pinned over my wound.

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