June 15 Rockfish Gap to Rip Rap Gap Shannondoas 27.2 kms

Missed the shuttle at 7.00am because it was a circus but the owner of the hostel took me to Rockfish Gap shortly afterwards.

Had lunch at Calf Shelter side track. A girl coming up the hill seemed to be talking to herself but in actual fact she was talking to a bear. It had gone by the time I walked down the hill.

A worker at the hostel who had done this section said water would be easy to find in fact there was 13 miles between water sources. I made it nearly to Rip Rap Gap before I became desperate. I asked some campers for water but they had run out too. Got to Rip Rap Gap and there were 2 hikers in the car park. I asked them for some water and they gave me water, Gatorade and beer. O ended up setting up camp with them. Just on dark a fellow hiker arrived calling my name.He had seen my fluorescent jacket. Turns out Molasses had told him I was down the track and the campers told him I had run out of water so he was going down the track yelling “Smiley I have water. He decided to hike on in the dark but 5 minutes later he was back as he had thought better of continuing on in the dark and decided to join us.

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