June 2 Pckle Branch Shelter to Calawba 20.8 kms

Started late as it had rained all night until 7am

Difficult going up to dragons tooth. A young lad from the shelter aught up with me and immediately slipped and fell He was not happy. There were Japanese all over the dragons tooth so couldn’ get a decent photo. Getting down the other side was hairy. Enjoyed the first 5 mins then the pain from my rib set in. It was entertaining watching the Americans try and make their dogs rock climb. Ran out of water and took the wrong path at the bottom.It did however take me to a stream. I WAS so thirsty I drank a litre of water straight up Cold on a hot stomach. It immediately came straight up.

Went pass the hostel where most people had stopped for the night.

Found some trail magic at the next crossing and had pulled pork and potato salad for tea plus a beer and one to take away.

Stopped for the night when the beer started to get warm.


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