May 29 Pine Swamp Branch to Warspur Shelter 14.4 kms

Today some army pain killers were found in the hiker box by Sparky 8 x the strength of Panadol and a lecture on only one every six hours for my rib.

We wer spoue to leave the hostel at 9.00am but 2 of us needed to pick up mail. Then some other girls held the shuttle up so we didn’ leave until 10.30am Unbeknowns to 3 of us going to the same starting point the shuttle had to go a further 20 miles via back roads  and decided to drop us off last. 2 hours later and after learning what safety meetings are and they are not your kind of safety meeting John Ford we reached our destination.

Uphill then along a ridge line made up of greasy rocks. Started to rain and rolled into the shelter right on dark. The shelter was full but 2 guys made room for me

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