May 21 Trimpi to Partnership 16 km

The shelter residents were up early. I waited until they had packed their stuff up before I got up. Looked at my watch before I left and it was 7.30am which meant the others had got up at 5.30am.

Started raining with thunderstorms at morning tea time.

Got a space at Partnership shelter before it started filling with the bubble from trail days. Ordered pizza as it was close to the road

Some people from riff raff, Rocking Ronnie and Mover turned up. Riff Raff are a group that did the trail a number of years ago and keep returning every year at trail days. The two guys brought in weed and booze and tried to get a party going The hikers ignored them

After lights out Mover tried to get into the shelter between a lady and the wall and was told. Ended up sleeping at my feet.

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