May 19 Thomas Knob to Old Orchard 18.4km

No bear appearances during the night. The young couple went off early for a hike with their stuff still spread from here to Australia O had asked them to assemble it on one place but was ignored. Then their phone alarm went off Ater 10 mins I located it and it was suitably dealt with. A tenting couple wanted to cook breakfast as it was too windy outside All the cuples gear was rounded up and swept into the corner with my foot. Nothing was said when they got back but the vibe was they were unimpressed Of course I played innocent.

Went per Grayson highlnds with the ponies The volunteer had morning tea with me and I couldn’ help baiting him  about stock in the high country.

Nice to have the track quiet as most through hikers are at trail days. A pair of section hikers called me a mad Kiwi as I was walking through all the puddles. Feet were wet anyway and it was too much effort to avoid them.

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