FFound trail magic at Devil Forks Gap in the form of  egg sandwhich and sodas, then more up hill along a stream, filled up with water as the track left the stream but from then on it was very dry.

No sign of eleven for 2 days

Arrived at Hogback Shelter gasping for water. The stream was quarter of a mile away but people had brought up extra water as the day was so hot.

Got to Sam’ GAP feeling horrible ad dizzy. A young guy was there mucking around and over the course of 30 minutes asked me if I was Ok 3 times. I finally relened and said no I wasn’ I needed to go to the hostel and my phone was dead. He rang them for me,haw a beer and a big lecture on drinking water. Turns out he d’s taking beer up to the shelter so I sent a message to Pirate behind me that I had found the beer first.

When I hot to the hostel I discovered that trail magic had donated a heap of beer and thankfully  had the bunkroom to myself.


One thought on “

  1. Well done you 👍
    Gary gave me this link to follow as the ones you post on Facebook don’t do anything?
    Had a lot to catch up on. Sounds like quite an adventure. Had to laugh at your typo’s 🤣
    We will put it down to fatigue and dehydration. Not to forget oxygen deprivation – grin.


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