May 1 Little Laural to Almost Flint Mountain Shelter 19.4 km

Slogged up the last bit of hill and found Pirate at the bottom. Asked where my cppa was and he informed me I’d missed out by about an hour. Walked up along a narrow rocky ridges with amazing views For those Aussies reading this it was like walking in Cathedral Nat Park. Hard to go past Jerry Cabin as it looked so nice There was a sign saying 300.3 mile Mark. Looks like I will have to elk a bit further each day if I want to finish this week.

Went past Sheldon Graves. Graves for an uncle and nephew who were fighting for the union and got shot by the confederate on the way home to a family gathering

Fitted my teeth for the final Jul up to Flint Mountain Shelter ad there was Pirate. Camped with Pirate for the reminising about our previous camp where I had left my tent door open and ends up waking up outside the tent while Pirate chased a mouse caught up between the fly and the tent. I said they had an open door in my tent.

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