April 28 Hot Springs to 1 mile after Spring Mountain 19 kms

Woke up with dog barking and needing to urgently per. Some dude decided to take over the run of the place at 6.30am He had left his dog to bark outside and wasn’ even a guest.I asked him to attend to his dog before it woke everyone. His reply was they should be up anyway Too bad about the people taking a zero day. Couldn’ get to the toilet as everyone he had woken was taking a shower. Had to find a Bush. Then I couldn’ charge my phone as he had taken up all the chargers. Then Noon ( doesn’t start walking before noon) decided to argue with the managers and I had asthma We vey grumpy by the time eleven found me and I wouldn’ eat breakfast before we started. Found everyone outside conscience store which we selling cheap pancakes o I reented.

Found the climb out of town unrelenting up hill. Eleven decided to catch up with Pirate. They were not t the shelter which was cold dark ad in the jet stream situated in a saddle so I continued on and found them t a beautiful campsite. The moon and Sun set were to die for.

One thought on “April 28 Hot Springs to 1 mile after Spring Mountain 19 kms

  1. I do enjoy your descriptions, Adele. Thanks.
    We are just back from 5 days around Lake Boga on the Footsteps of Major Mitchell. As you can visualise, it was FLAT. Finished at Lake Charm today. Pretty there. Sylvia was there too. She is there for the geocaches!!!


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