April 18 Russell Field Shelter to Clingmans Dome 30.8 kms

The day started out well it I got slow Dr r and slower as the day wore on 2 Shelters before Clingmans Dome (the highest point on the ATT) I tried to get hold of Ian to say I would stay unfortunately neither of us had reception so I had to keep going

Got to the last shelter and an in your face young ranger stopped me ad wanted to see my permit, carried on about water and kept telling me it was all up hill to Clingmans Dome In Australia I would have called her Captain Obvious but here I would have had to spend a prevous 10 mins explaining the comment. I WAS so rattled about time that I didn’ close the lid on my bottle properly and it leaked all through my pack.

Got to the dome at nine I the dark There was such a confusion of trails at the end that I just yelled for Ian and my hero appeared.

So tired when we got into camp that I discarded my wet sleeping mat got into my sleeping bag and fell straight asleep dispute the gravel surface user the tent.

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