April 13 Wyah Bald to Nanthala Outdoor Centre 27.2 kms

While Ian moved the tent to our next forestry run camp I tackled this next leg. It was very pleasant  to start the day off going downhill in fact it was down hill most of the day except for a visit to the Wesser Fire Tower The flowers are really starting to come out now. Met up with some young fellows and had lunch with them. They took off after lunch but towards the end of the day I came across one with his head in his hands sitting on a log asking how much further he had to go. It just proves it pays to be a prodded.

Had dinner at the outdoor centre Ian was embarrassed at my state but he need not have worried I fitted right in with the rest of the hikers.

Our New camp was next to a mountain bike trail and not suitable for kids, very quiet Mountain bikes doing a loop of the camp don’ sound the same as a bike with trainer wheels hand a kid yelling Conner wait for me. No generators either. Very impressed that the poles used for hanging food from out of the way of bears can serve to hang bikes from too

.Guess what the envitable happened Dogs barking clanking all round the camp Bear proof rubbish bins rattled then Ian woke to something sniffing him from the other side of the tent (trying to find the nice peppermints disguised by the smell of my rotting socks Of course Ian sticks his head out the tent but luckily for Ian the commotion finally frightened off our furry friend


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