Sun April 8 th Dicks Creek to Deep Gap 26 kms

Really didn’t feel like hiding today The trail is very much up one hill down then up another. The scenery has been the same and it’s cold. Got halfway up the mountain and what a beautiful site The rain on the trees had turned to frost Saw 2 beautiful birds and met some interesting individuals along the way and affirmed why I was doing the walk Finishedalot happier

Back to those individuals Met a nice man struggling a bit .Stoppedto talk He lives not far from the trail in North Carolina. I asked if he was going to have some zero days at home He said yes as he had a lot of fruit crops The rows needed mowing and the fruit needed picking for the animals He loved the animals That’s why he grew the fruit and he made pies Apple pies Blueberry pies and he gave those to the animals too. From the hill top I heard this woman by the time I got into the gap I had heard the full story of how her parents got their dogs She didn’t even pause when she said hi. Decided not to have lunch there and carried on by myself to put some distance between lover of animals and noisy myna Caught up to some people on the state border and we had a crossing of the border celebration lunch. I then walked with a lovely man most of the rest of the day. He told me about his girlfriend and male partners. I wonder if partner has the same meaning here in America or means a friend.

Saw along the way miserable cold hikers who had walked the day before None were happy,

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