April 2nd Gooch Gap to Neal’s Gap

Another 16 mile day feeling stiff from the previous day. Dropped off at Gooch Gap where the happy campers told me they not only got their beer but moonshine as well. Gooch Gap to woody Gap was easy. Got there just as people were setting up to give out drinks and eats to through walkers .Apparently this trail magic and a big thing. Avoided this one as I didn’t feel like talking. Up to Granny knob with exceptional views.Donhill for awhile ,then up to blood mountain

Blood Mountain was an absolute circus with people coming up from Neal Gap An abnoxious six year old had me pinned against the rock face trying to drag a golden retriever up the last rock section Golden Retriver got loose run through a picnic , kid tried to drag the dog back through by the tail I left. Very steep down to Neal Gap. Blood Mountain sorts the doers from the wingers and is one of 2 points 40 percent pull out It is tradition to throw your boots over the tree if you are quitting

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