August 7 Goose Pond to Kay Wood Shelter 28.3 kms

Had the pancakes for breakfast and walked on and off with Tuffy and her friend. We had been told that the lady at a blueberry farm down the track had camping and gave cookies away. Sadly there were no cookies forth coming even with very broad hinting. The lady was also a little nutty. Tuffy and I carried on having dinner on Warner hill with stunning views and making it to Kay Wood shelter just on dark.

6 August Mt Wilcox south Shelter to Goose Pond Cabin 26.5 kms

Stopped for a rest at a lovely stream. I could hear a commotion up the track but didnt bother with it. Thats when I learnt investigate any activity on the track as it could be potential food. Eventually wandered up to it and yes it was trail magic. I walked away with most of his maple fudge while the blocks of cheese seemed the preferred choice of others.

Got to Goose Pond late but was determined to get there as there was free pancakes in the morning. Couple were siting on the only spare campsite with 2 beautiful golden retrievers. They were heading home the next day and gave me all their spare food. My tummy did well for the day.

August 4th Brassie Brook Shelter to Jug End Road 19.04 kms

Over Bear Mountain. which was a lovely climb but a tremulous descent to Sages Ravine which was absolutely beautiful. Onto the laurel ridge which was exposed but had lovely views. I wondered how Maxie was going to handle the day with his fear of heights.

Bailed up by a very aggresive dog descending down to Guilder Pond with the usual comment by the owner “he isn’t normally like this” Hello what do you expect when he suddenly comes across something that looks like a cross between a human and a giant tortoise. Although I wanted to be very rude I politely suggested that she put the dog on the lead It didn’t go down well.

Trail magic at Guilder pond but the Angel was a bit over the top with a menue for all the goodies and wanting to take each hikers rubbish so he could go through it. the mind boggles at some of the nasties that could be in that.

Thought of staying at Glen Brook Shelter but the early hour and the horde of scouts put me off. Bad mistake as the the heavens opened up at the usual hour shortly afterwards and it was to far up hill to turn back. A horrendous steep descent in heavy rain which took me three times as long as it should have to Jug End Road. As soon as it was flat enough I set up my tent and dived in. Another night without dinner.

August 3rd Caesar Brook Campsite to Brassie Brook Shelter via Salisbury 10.8 white Blazed 27.04 Yellow Blazed

Left Maxie to sleep in as per usual and catch me up later, thinking what is the quickest way to Salisbury as I cant stand not being able t read my map any longer. Came out to the first road of the day and there is a ute parked over the entrance to the track. I asked the guy if he could give me a ride into Salisbury as I had lost my glasses and was having difficulties He said “I would if he could but wasn’t going that way and was very busy.” He then asked me about the river I had crossed the previous day and how I had got around it I told him “I couldn’t read the instructions for flooding so had to cross it.” He repliedĀ  “You are in trouble. If you help me mushroom and come with me while I do a few errands I’ll take you to Salisbury.”

I then had a lovely morning learning what mushrooms you could eat and getting a tour around the area. He then dropped me off at Salisbury outside the chemist shop and I was able to get a pair of glasses wonder across the road get a milkshake and then wander down to the pub and get a cider.

I was able to pick up the trail at the cemetery of all places. I walked up the hill to riga Shelter. Stopped there wanting to go on but it looked like there was a thunder storm approaching. There was one other in the shelter and a holiday camp of boys tenting outside. Decided to push on. Got to Brassie Shelter just as the rain started.

Just as I had made myself comfortable 2 more arrived. I really didn’t want their company as they had been part of a group that had killed a rattle snake. Thankfully they decided to sleep in their hammocks. Then just on dark the first South Bounders I had seen arrived. They were noisy and I had to rearrange my stuff but it was all good in the end.

August 1st Mt Algo to Caesar Brook Campsite Camp Site 22.4 kms

It rained most of the day Surprise Surprise. Made good progress until I left my glasses behind at a rest stop and I didn’t feel like walking back 2 miles to retrieve them. I dint think it would matter too much until I had to cross a flooded river because I couldn’t read the instructions on how to avoid it. Once across the river I spotted a tent and went to see if someone could read my map for me. Alas it was some homeless guy very zoned out on something. I retreated in haste. Maxi eventually caught up with me and we walked together to Caesar Brook Campsite