June 9 John’s Hollow Shelter to Brown Creek Shelter 30 kms

I was making really good time and enjoying the track unti a thunder storm struck. Very scary and I thought the lightning had got a little close o me and the hairs on my arm stood up and I heard a squeak in my ear. I later found out another guy had had an even closer call. He actually saw the lightning strike in front of him. I hadn’ thought about how our walking poles would make good conductors but he dropped his and ran.

Along Brown Creek  there were rock walls where a community of freed slaves used to farm.

Got to the shelter just on nightfall and camped by the stream nd discovered fire fly bugs. A few nights before  one had got under the fly of my tent. I had chased the light with my finger and thought I was having a dream or someone had spiked my eater

June 8 Matt’s Shelter to John’s Hollow Shelter via Glasgow 6.4 kms

Was go if to try and catch a ride with a shuttle into Glasgow but asked a guy who was chewing the ears off a couple hikers for a ride instead.

Put my pack in the free shelter and there was mover. God that guy gets around..Re supplied, did my laundry and had a shower. Had lunch at the diner and they surprised me with a decent wine.

Only way back onto the trail was to hitch, something I don’ like doing but it seems an accepted way for an AT walker to move to and from the trail. After 5 mins a shuttle picked me up anyway

Found trail magic at the drop off point o hotdogs for dinner. Made up to John’ Shelter just before a storm Squirrel cbc past through on a bit of night hiking.

Only e

June 7 Cornelus Shelter to Matts Creek Shelter 28.8 kms

Headed up to thunder Hill Shelter for lunch. Went to get water only to find someone had washed their dishes in the enclosed spring. Nothing like ramen flavoured water.

Marble Spring Campsite was lovely and I wished I’ had the time to stay there.

On to Matt’ Shelter only to find it over run by girl couts 12 were in the shelter heaps running around and you are only allowed 10 in a party on the trail. The noise was incredible I was tired after 18miles and crabby. Stalked off to camp downstream with Kudgeweed.



Wednesday June 6 Cove My to Cornelius Creek Shelter 22kms

Kudgeweed caught up and passed me on the first hill up to Cornelius Hiill Shelter. She had a scare on the track due to a rattle snake and stopped to warn me. Luckily she did as the snake was really pissed and Wouldn’t have seen it as it was the colour of moss and rocks.

Kudgeweed then told me about an Appalachian pedicure treatmen that she Sparky and Squirrel  had developed . Stick your feet into a creek full of small fish and they will  eat all the dead skin GROSS

I was at the picnic table eating dinner When suddenly an elderly couple appeared out of nowhere  with  a picnic basket. They knew of a back track in. They had fried chicken potato salad beans brownies fruit salad chips and drinks for us.

June 5 Fullhardt Knob Shelter to Cove Mountain 28.8 kms

The track cross crossed the Blue Ridge Parkway (A scenic drive) Someone sarcastically asked where the Pepsi machin was at Wilso Shelter. I said where the track crosses the road at Blackhorse Gap Road and there it was in the form of trail magic.

Brilliant views each time the track crossed the road.

Downhill off the track to Bobblets Shelter so I gave it a miss and just as well as it apparently got very crowded. Picked up some water ad then noticed there was no water at the next shelter. Camped at first available campsite. Luck I did as there was no where else for QUITE a while. Had a very peaceful nighr

June 4 Pig Farm Campsite to Fullhardt Knob Shelter 22.4 kms

Track started off good with beautiful views and then I hit the rocks again I was over it i 5 minutes.

Finally got to Dalesville and had to ask where North was as the restarant I wanted to go too was North. Had a lovely lunch ith a free banana pudding which is my favourite Southern dessert.

Made it up to the ext shelter right on dusk to find a group of girl scouts camping there but no one in the shelter. Could see the lights of the town below from my bed.

June 3 Calawba Mr to Pig Farm Campsite 24 kms

Woke up depressed wondering what I was doing on the track as the young lad that fell yesterday left the track and his negativity had rubbed off o me

The amount of people smoking dope and cigarettes in the shelters has got to me and I feel like a passive smoker in both regards

Very sore and tired but prodded on Had a wine to an old man th asst was out for a stroll He offered me his Apple. I felt very humbled and it was a beautiful day and no rain a first in a month.

Beautiful views from Mc Afee Knob and Tinker Cliffs. The track runs next to these cliffs and I mean right next to them.

Left my phone at Lambert Shelter table. It was passed down the trail back to me before I even knew it was missing.

Decided to enjoy the trail and not rush it as I only make myself sick. Too bad if I don’ finish it. 15 miles average is comfortable for me.